Why is PR necessary?

Massive News
February 7, 2018

As the old industry adage goes: If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.

In a landscape where more and more brands are competing for the attention of their target audiences, and the ever-growing challenge to stand apart from the ‘noise’ – both on and offline – becomes a key priority for many brands and organisations, PR has a more important role in the marketing mix than ever before.

Check out Massive’s Top 5 reasons why Public Relations is a necessity for any brand:


  1. Increasing Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness is one of the key factors in making your business successful. The more your brand appears, the more people will associate it with a specific product or service. It will make you stand apart from the crowd, converting a loyal brand following and active brand advocates. Whether your brand appears via social media platforms, through an industry magazine as an event sponsor, or in a printed editorial feature, it is important to let your target audience know both your history and your mission for the future.


2. Reputation and Crisis or Issues Management

Your reputation is your greatest asset. The rise in recent years of online communications, has also brought with it heightened reputational risk, especially when it comes to negative reviews or a crisis situation. That said, online communications can also help get a message out quickly and efficiently in times of an issue or crisis. Both proactive and reactive strategic PR planning can help you to prepare as best possible for a crisis or issue situation and can help to minimise the impact to your brand reputation.


3. Building Credibility

Advertising is saying you’re good.  Public Relations is getting someone else to say you’re good.

It is very important to build trust with your audience. Your brand’s success will hinge on your brand credibility, and strategic and prolonged PR activity can help to build this. Whether it is through a carefully pitched feature in a highly-respected industry magazine or daily publication or an online mention from a trusted blogger, it is important to establish trust to keep your audience faithful while building lasting relationships with your target audience.


4. Promoting Brand Values

As consumers adopt the practice of ‘conscious consumerism’, brand ethos is becoming increasingly important. Values are the core of your brand. They are the centre to which everything else should coincide including your brand’s message, design and the type of customer service it provides. Well-researched PR allows you to focus on the ideas and language that your target customers respond to best. A unique selling point (USP) is what makes your business stand out from the crowd and tells your customers what is special about you. PR will help you focus on and communicate the USPs of your brand and help you to demonstrate strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – taking responsibility for your company’s impact on environmental and social wellbeing.


5. Public Relations is opportunistic

By initiating positive PR through the course of your brand narrative, you will find that additional opportunities to be heard will arise as a result of these strong media and influencer relations.  For example, if a journalist is researching a feature in which your brand could offer a valuable perspective and he or she has an established relationship and knowledge of your organisation, it is likely that you could receive an opportunity to contribute.  If a crisis hits, it is often easier to limit the damage by tapping into existing relationships which have been previously established rather than building media relationships based on crisis communications.


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