Value Cabs celebrates 20 years of ‘driving’ the standard in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s leading taxi firm has reason to celebrate as they roll out a series of initiatives to mark 20 years on the roads.  This year will see the firm make significant inward investment, continued expansion of their fleet, development of customer outreach programmes aimed at getting customers involved with their twenty year celebrations and strengthening ties with the local community and their dedicated customer base, both of which have made the family-owned company a success.

Established in 1997 by Christopher and Stephen McCausland, Value Cabs has been recognised for being a pioneering company since its early days.  The forward-thinking taxi firm was the first in Northern Ireland to introduce uniformed drivers and implemented tight regulations to ensure all of the firm’s cars were up to a high standard for passenger safety and value.  Additionally, Value Cabs worked actively to bring the Taxis Act into legislation in Northern Ireland in 2008 which introduced much needed regulation into taxi fares and operators helping to grow the industry standard across Northern Ireland.  Value Cabs’ expansive fleet offers a wide range of choices for passengers, from a standard four seat car to multi-seat and wheelchair accessible vehicles, estate cars, and even executive unmarked cars for VIP clients and business journeys.

Stephen and Chistopher McCausland, founders of Value Cabs, team up to kick off the 20 year anniversary celebrations for Northern Ireland’s leading taxi firm. The family-owned company has announced a series of exciting initiatives for 2017 to mark their second decade serving the local area including the launch of an updated mobile app for convenient booking and the roll-out of Receipt Treats, a unique programme which enables Value Cabs customers to redeem added benefits at partner eateries, bars and attractions by presenting their receipts following their Value Cabs journeys.


“Value Cabs set out on a journey twenty years ago to become the leading taxi firm in Northern Ireland, and we are proud of the standards we have set for our drivers as well as well as the wider industry locally,” said Christopher McCausland, Value Cabs.  “In addition to making significant updates and advancements for our business, this year we have planned a series of initiatives to celebrate our achievements to date as we look forward to the next twenty years of Value Cabs.”

The first initiative to be launched as part of the celebration will be the new Value Cabs app.  Acknowledging the ever-growing importance of mobile bookings for customers on-the-go, Value Cabs’ 20th year has kicked off with a large investment in the company’s updated responsive mobile app, which promises to enhance the customer experience by providing real-time updates on taxi location, amongst other features. “Gone are the days that taxis are booked with a phone call the day before they’re required,” added Christopher McCausland.  “Today, many of our bookings are made on-the-go via mobile devices, and the recent updates made to our app will help to streamline the booking process for our valued customers, connecting them quickly with their nearest Value Cabs driver and getting them to their final destination faster.”

In addition to their app, Value Cabs is offering customers added value through its newly-rebranded loyalty scheme, “Receipt Treats”.  “By adding value to our fares we are helping to build customer relationships without jeopardising the bottom line for our drivers,” said Stephen McCausland, Value Cabs.  “The “Receipt Treats” scheme is unique in Northern Ireland and allows our customers to present their receipt within seven days at a range of participating restaurants, eateries, visitor attractions and other locations across Northern Ireland to redeem exclusive customer-only offers.”  From a discounted meal or complimentary cocktail to reduced or even free admission to some of Northern Ireland’s most popular attractions, Value Cabs is helping their passengers get more for their fare.  “After months of development of our new Receipt Treats programme we are delighted to introduce this to our customers as yet another incentive to book your journey with Value Cabs, Northern Ireland’s leading taxi firm,” Stephen added.

Receipt Treats will be just one of a number of customer-facing initiatives designed to engage with existing customers and build relationships with a new generation of passengers as Value Cabs continues to grow, with other opportunities for engagement surprises for customers expected throughout the year.

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