My two weeks in PR – Top 5 things I’ve learned

Massive News
August 4, 2017

Our team recently had the pleasure of working with an all-star assistant who joined Massive following her graduation from Queen’s University to gain some experience in public relations.  Suzy Spence graduated from Queen’s with her English degree and was looking to explore careers which would put her fantastic writing skills to use.  It’s fair to say, Suzy didn’t disappoint!  Check out her review of her two weeks at Massive!

I am a recent English graduate from Queen’s University Belfast and just like almost every other English graduate on the planet I had absolutely no clue what career I wanted to pursue. I was, however, very interested in the field of PR. I decided to make the most of my free time over summer and gain some work experience in the industry, and was kindly offered to join the Massive PR team for two weeks this July! My time here has been a fantastic eye-opening experience into the fast-paced whirlwind that is PR and I have really enjoyed my experience so far. Here are the top five things I have learned about the PR industry during my time with Team Massive…

  1. What PR actually is

I knew PR stood for Public Relations and I knew that it involved protecting, enhancing and building reputations through the media, social media and self-produced communications. However it wasn’t until my experience at Massive PR that I learned what a day in PR actually entails. I have been given various different tasks to carry out including writing blogs, press releases, event listings, drafting and scheduling social media, making phone calls to the press, creating social media graphics and I was fortunate to get the opportunity to attend a photo shoot for one of Massive’s clients, which was exciting! After just over two weeks I feel like I now know a lot more about PR than I did before.

  1. How fast-paced PR is

There’s no time to chill in the world of PR. You are constantly pushing towards deadlines, needing to schedule next week’s social media for one client whilst having to finish a press release by the end of the day for another client, whilst also needing to attend a photo-shoot that afternoon for another client. Deadlines are fast and furious and if you like slower-paced working environments, then I suggest PR is not for you. It may sound stressful but it is also very rewarding and you will never be bored.

  1. People skills are important

In the PR industry, it is your job to convince reporters or editors to write a positive story about you or your client, your candidate, brand or issue. You often have to say and do the right things to earn this and build up a reputation for your agency and it is important to maintain that reputation. Therefore it is useful if you are a good talker and a people person. Client happiness is key, so it is crucial that you have a good relationship with your clients. It can be quite a challenge accommodating everyone but it is important to be patient and organised.

  1. You become a semi-expert in things you never thought you would

Working in PR gives you a whole new range of knowledge in areas you knew little about before. You suddenly become an expert on manufacturers, wedding flowers and insurance firms and you know every single detail about Northern Ireland’s local upcoming events! PR can be random in that way but it’s interesting because you learn about things and become passionate about topics that you never thought you would!

  1. No day is the same

Whilst in some careers you will be working on the same thing all day, in a PR agency you can switch over to another client if you need a change! One week you may be working a lot on an upcoming event but once that event has passed then you will be working on something else. That is a major perk as it keeps you interested in what you’re working on and makes the days fly in!

There you have it – the top five things I have learned in my two weeks working at Massive! I recommend to anyone who is interested in a career in PR to try and gain any experience you can in an agency setting! It can be busy and fast-paced, but it is incredibly rewarding once you get the results you are working towards. Thank you so much to Julie and the team at Massive PR for having me!