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December 3, 2019
11th October 2018 – Picture by Matt Mackey/

The Belfast-based team behind web application Sussd are on-track to become a viral hit with over 1,000 early sign ups confirmed to the online service since its launch last week. The social impact platform has been developed to bridge the gap between consumers, local businesses and charities in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Representing a pre-seed investment of over £80,000, including funds raised via local angel investors and a £15,000 grant for social innovation from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation in London, and over two years of research and development, Sussd gives consumers an opportunity to make money on-the-go by voicing their opinions to brands and organisations through its interactive and engaging web application which is available across all devices. Members of Sussd get paid each time they answer a question, while also having the opportunity to win more money with a ‘Golden Ticket’ – A bonus amount that is distributed to respondents at random. Users of Sussd have the option to cash out their ‘wallet’ via Paypal or – with a new feature being unlocked next month – donating the money they have earned to one of several local charities who have partnered with the startup.

Commenting on the early success of Sussd, CEO Callum Curry said: “Launching Sussd and introducing it to local consumers and brands has been an exciting time for us. After investing so much time and effort into the development of Sussd, it’s amazing to see people responding so well already and we look forward to seeing where this momentum can take us over the next few months.”

The platform allows organisations and agencies to test creative ideas with consumers before pouring resources into a new project, giving them the opportunity to a gain better understanding of their markets, test advertising and marketing strategies, and engage more closely with users without the costly investment required for more traditional forms of consumer research.

“I joined the Sussd team because I saw great potential in the idea,” said Rick Craig, Chief Technical Officer.

“I felt like I could see the entire product road map in front of me as I listened to the pitch. We decided that the best way to make an application that is intuitive, has the best user experience possible and contains value for all is to put it in front of our future users, effectively making all our founding organisations and respondents partners.”

Forging relationships with a number of local digital agencies, homegrown brands and organisations on the run-up to their beta launch, the team aims to double their partnerships by November, resulting in a significant increase in content shared through the application on the horizon and more opportunities for consumers to be paid for their feedback.

“We hope to utilise constructive user feedback to make improvements as we build Sussd, putting us in a great position when we officially release. We have a lot of ideas for release and for the future. Our goal is to be an industry leader in both offering and authority, and we want to ensure that respondents have the opportunity to help us make positive change in a safe and secure environment, with the bonus of being rewarded,” added Rick.

“Essentially, we’re taking the fun, competitive elements of an interactive quiz app and we’re applying them to a self-service market research platform. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionise how brands and organisations make decisions, by helping them to consult with their audience at the beginning of their creative process,” said Callum.

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