Massive News
June 21, 2019

A few weeks ago team Massive had the opportunity to attend Social Media Bootcamp, hosted by social media gurus Social Bee NI – Louise Brogan and Copper Square Communications’ MD, Ashleigh Watson.

The full-day event was held at Belfast’s Titanic Hotel and was comprised of several talks and interactive sessions from professional speakers, some of who travelled overseas to offer some great advice to many local businesses and consultants in attendance.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day and came away with lots of advice and great tips to ensure we can further strengthen both our own and our clients’ social media strategies!

Reflecting back on the Social Media Bootcamp, we decided to share our key takeaways from the day and are ready to put them into action.

Decide on your social media platform

To avoid spreading yourself too thin or risk speaking to the wrong audiences, it’s important you know what social media platform to use for a specific client or business. Louise Brogan from Social Bee recommends you focus on one social media platform, build it up and make sure it’s successful before branching out to others.

While Facebook is great for connecting people and building relationships between businesses and their customers, this is not the best platform for selling directly and can sometimes be referred to as the ‘look at me’ platform.

Twitter, however, tends to be less personal and many users follow primarily brands and organisations on their own profiles.  For this reason, most users are happy to see content from brands and competitors. The team referred to this as the ‘look at this’ platform.

If your business is focused in a product or experience which is visually pleasing, Instagram is one of the best platforms to be active on, as the graphic-led posting structure is a great way to allow your product or brand to speak for itself.

If your business could benefit from making meaning connections, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to be active on as either an individual or a brand. The community within LinkedIn offers endless opportunities to build relationships which could benefit your business or organisation in the future, whether you’re looking for collaborations, new members of staff, or clients.  Just remember that LinkedIn offers the best results for those who take the time to proactively meet and build connections rather than seeking out business alone.

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to social media channels, a lot of users believe that they need to consistently populate their news feeds, no matter what the content. however, it is important to provide quality content over quantity and a strategy behind this content is essential for ensuring your posts are meeting their objectives.

Most businesses fight clutter with clutter rather than thinking smart about reaching an appropriate audience, so when planning your content make sure you are posting content that is of use to your target audience, content that they will want to see!

Brand Story

Your social media channels should give your audience an automatic insight into who you are as a business. It’s important that your social media channels connect your audience to your business and your employees! Show people human faces behind your business, this will help people get to know, like, and trust you.

Switch it up!

When posting across your social media channels try to change up the tone and wording of the posts ever so slightly and always remember that not all content will work and be effective across all of your business’s social media channels. Offering different content on each platform will also encourage followers to engage with you on multiple social media profiles rather than just one.

Direct Posting is best

Like many of us, it’s difficult to set aside time in a busy working day to remember to post content across our social media channels – this is where scheduling programmes come in very handy. However, using third-party scheduling programmes can sometimes hinder the natural performance of your posts. To ensure the best engagement on your content try to post directly to your channels as much as possible!

You can learn more about Social Bee’s next workshops and bootcamps by following @socialbeeNI on Twitter. Or contact Massive to see how we can help support your team’s social media strategies!