Omega 3 for brain power

Massive News
January 10, 2013



Children and teenagers across Ireland may now obtain sufficient Omega 3 fatty acids in their diets to ensure good health in their formative years, thanks to a new and unique fish oil supplement called Paradox Omega School.

Developed in Ireland by Dr Geoff Hayhurst, Paradox is at the forefront of Omega 3 research which has shown just how important Omega fatty acids (EPA & DHA) are to children’s brain and eye development and function. Trials have demonstrated that access to essential Omega 3 fatty acids may have an impact on IQ, school abilities and academic performance.

Parents often struggle with getting their children to eat enough oily fish, so the alternative is a good quality fish oil supplement which doesn’t taste or smell of fish.

Paradox Omega School is totally natural and pure with Vitamin D3 and E and no added concentrates. This keeps the omegas more stable and therefore more effective, which can result in better health benefits!

Available at independent pharmacies and health stores nationwide.