Massive News
April 8, 2019

April is National Stress Awareness Month. Following last week’s publication of the State of the Profession Report by CIPR, which highlighted stress as a major factor facing PR practitioners at all levels of their careers, we’re highlighting our favourite ways to beat stress and stay positive. These tips will help anyone – regardless of industry – who may be feeling a bit overwhelmed in the workplace to stay positive and productive every day!

This week Account Executive Bryony Chapman shares her top five ways to escape workplace stress and maintain positive results for clients.

I’ve worked in the busy PR agency setting since graduating in 2016 and have experienced a number of stressful situations throughout my professional career so far. Whether this stress comes in the form of a tight deadline or a client issue, it’s important to learn how to keep your cool under pressure and turn these sometimes-sticky situations into rewarding results for clients.

We all experience and cope with stress in different ways, and although in a junior position, stress is still something that can affect me. In order to prevent it from interfering with my productivity and positive outlook at work, I’ve developed these top ways of managing stress in the workplace:

Take 5 each morning: During especially busy periods in the office, I find it helpful to take 5 minutes each morning to gather my thoughts about the day ahead. To keep myself on track I will come into the office before my working day begins and try to plan out my day, making detailed lists and highlighting what needs to be prioritised first.

Ask for help: In junior positions especially, stress can be generated from the feeling that you’re ‘in too deep’ and unsure of how to move forward in projects. It’s important that you remember that you aren’t on your own and asking for advice and support from your team is okay. Don’t forget that everyone in your agency has been in your position before!

Lunch: No matter how busy my day is or how busy my colleagues are around me; I always try to ensure that I take my break for lunch. Stress can build up quite quickly throughout the working day, so I feel that it’s important to remove myself from work for at least 30 minutes. If I can get outside for some fresh air, even better!

Mindset: At times it may seem impossible, but adopting a positive mindset is crucial to managing stress in the workplace. Remembering that everything I am doing is being done for a reason and reminding myself of the final outcome I am trying to reach helps me to keep my focus on the end-goal. If a positive mindset can be maintained throughout the office environment, the burden of stress can be slightly lifted for the whole team.

Speak out: Sometimes it takes time to realise that you are feeling the effects of stress in the workplace. Typically stress can build up and before this happens, it’s important to speak out and voice how you are feeling to a manager or a colleague you feel comfortable confiding in – at times simply talking to someone can really help.

These are just a few of the ways I have developed through my experience managing a full client load in a vibrant – and active – agency atmosphere. By using these simple tools I can address stresses at work, keeping me productive no matter what the day throws at me! If you are feeling the effects of stress at work, I hope my tips and advice help you too!