Musgrave MarketPlace celebrates the Chinese New Year!

Massive News
January 16, 2012

Local company Musgrave MarketPlace is celebrating the Chinese New Year with the announcement that they are to further develop their Asian business network and through this aim create up to 8 additional jobs within their dedicated Asian sales team in Northern Ireland.

Musgrave MarketPlace gazing at new heights!

In the last two years, Musgrave has invested a significant amount of time and money in researching and developing a genuine product and food service offering for the Asian community in Ireland, which upheld the upmost respect to their cultural requirements. This research has proven to be invaluable because since the launch of their authentic Asian business offering in September 2010 the company has enjoyed a 133% growth in sales within this market and aims to increase this by a further 25% in 2012.


An innovative approach to product selection guarantees the authenticity of Musgrave’s Asian products which are directly sourced and shipped from the Far East. They also provide ‘real expertise’ to this market through their dedicated Asian Business Development Manager, Tommy Yeung, who is a native of Hong Kong. Tommy is highly regarded within the Asian community through his work with the Sai Pak Chinese Welfare Society, and his family own a Chinese restaurant in Ballykelly, which gives him firsthand experience of what customers need and expect from Musgrave.


“I am very passionate about my role and enjoy helping people within the Asian community in Northern Ireland. Taking the time to conduct intensive market research has helped us to streamline our approach in servicing the Asian community with authentic products, unbeatable prices, real expertise – which is all summed up in our brand pillars, First for Value, First for Choice and First for Service,” said Tommy.


To celebrate the Chinese New Year – the year of the Dragon, Musgrave Marketplace is running special promotions for their Asian customers – with culture at the heart.  This includes deals featuring the number 8 which is lucky in China and the colours red and green which are lucky colours to celebrate the New Year (for example Red Dragon Long Grain Rice – £12.88). The company is also distributing authentic Chinese Fruit Boxes to be given to customers to celebrate the New Year.