Massive #Goals for CPD

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January 25, 2017

It’s nearly that time of year again: CIPR CPD deadline day! Whether you are in a last-minute frenzy or sitting smug having logged all your points already, the renewal of the CPD year presents us all with a fresh opportunity to refresh our PR perspectives and refocus our career goals.

As Chartered and Accredited members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, we commit to our professional development by undertaking a diverse range of activities to enhance our industry understanding and expand our skill set, as well as hoping to contribute to better PR standards as a whole. That said, practitioners are often guilty of logging “enough” points and not necessarily the “right” points and that is why setting CPD goals is crucial to ensuring practitioners get the most out of their CIPR membership. With this in mind, we’ve assembled some CPD goal inspiration….

  1. Become SEO Savvy

Since marketers realised the power of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it always seemed natural that public relations and SEO would be the best of friends. Unfortunately, many practitioners find themselves writing without consulting the analytics first and therefore impacting how algorithms rank the story on search engines. A lot of practitioners are often daunted by the unfamiliarity of this extra step in the content distribution process but using an integrated SEO strategy is becoming increasingly imperative for practitioners wishing to retain their competitiveness and benefit their clients’ bottom lines.

  1. Using your PR powers for good

Clients often confuse PR professionals for superheroes and we suspect that perception stems from our ability to balance multiple demands simultaneously. As communicators, we’re proud to be the connecting force between brands and their audiences, to articulate messages that clients can’t find the words for, and provide solutions to problems facing reputations. These skills are precious but there are a number of charitable organisations out there that can’t afford to assign budget to PR, so we would urge practitioners to carve out time to service at least one pro-bono client this year. Whether large or small, a contribution of your services could make a great difference for a worthy cause who needs to tell the masses about their story.

Massive Pro-bono campaign for the Straight2Swimming programme.
  1. Defending Anti-AVE

Evaluation and reporting on the bottom line has never been more crucial. Industries are shaken in the aftermath of 2016 and organisations need to transparently justify everything they do. That said, we have a duty to our industry not to fall back into the inaccuracies of an ad equivalency approach and practitioners can’t continue to use the excuse of “I’m not au fait with the Barcelona Principles.” Step up your results reporting skills by taking on some evaluation-focused webinars, attending evaluation workshops and reading up on this important area of PR.

  1. Video Skills

Last year we implemented a PR campaign surrounding an inspiring and innovative event called the Power of Video conference at the Waterfront Hall. The first of its kind in Belfast, the conference attracted video enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds ranging from business professionals and creatives looking to advance their video production and editing expertise, as well as New Media members with vloggers and Snapchat influencers in attendance. The inspiring talk given from the likes of Casey Neistat and Cian Twomey coupled with the changes in social media placing prominence on video content, has motivated us to up-skill our content development know-how in terms of video editing and production.

  1. Smart Social Media

Just as practitioners have mastered the art of Facebook and Twitter, up pops Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Chatbots. Similar to putting together the optimum media lists for your campaigns, you also need to assemble an appropriate social media mix to use to tell brand stories in a one-to-one environment between the company and its audience. Crucial areas of social media that PRs can seek to develop their skills in this year include; engagement techniques with the online community, a better understanding of influencer relations, and monitoring and evaluating the new forms of social media.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with our CPD activities here on the Massive blog and we would love to hear about your 2017 CPD Goals! Chat with us about them on Twitter (@MassivePR).