Massive News
January 18, 2019

Having recently achieved Accredited Practitioner status with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), Massive PR Account Executive Michelle McCracken shares her insights into the importance of participating in CPD along with some key activities worth adding to your list ahead of this year’s CPD deadline on 28th February.

Continuing Professional Development is an important aspect of any PR professional’s career as it gives you the ability to enhance your industry knowledge and skills year on year and supports practical everyday learnings with theory and best practice advice. Additionally, promotion of CPD participation among members of the industry by CIPR has encouraged a body of PR practitioners who are striving to develop and maintain the highest professional industry standards.

When beginning your annual CPD journey, it’s important to highlight your goals and key areas that you would like to focus on, whether that be the latest developments in the realm of digital communications or delivering effective presentations that leave an impression or developing your networking skills. Helping you to achieve your professional development goals and ensure your knowledge is up to date with the always-changing trends and best practice within the industry, CIPR hosts a series of interactive workshops which complement the range of online resources on the CPD portal from journals and webinars to case studies and best practice guides.

Whether you are approaching the completion of your first year of CPD, your second year towards an Accredited Practitioner status, or your tenth year (you are now officially a CPD expert), here are some key activities worth checking out to help you complete your required points ahead of the fast-approaching deadline:

  • Mobile Movie Making Masterclass

With exactly two weeks to go (Friday 1st February 2019), the Mobile Movie Making Masterclass will be particularly useful for those looking to create engaging content for their social media and websites. With an increasing focus on capturing our target audiences’ attention through video, this workshop provides a range of useful tips and practical filming techniques.

  • Brand Media Strategy: Integrated Communications Planning in the Digital Era

If you have included ‘read more books’ on your list of New Year’s resolutions, definitely pick up a copy of Brand Media Strategy: Integrated Communications Planning in the Digital Era by Anthony Young. Young highlights a series of useful case studies that provide real life examples on how marketers and PR practitioners alike can leverage media to advertise and promote their brands.

  • Google Digital Garage with CIM and CIPR

Taking place on Tuesday 19th February, the Google Digital Garage is a great activity to add to your CPD plan and will give insight into building a digital marketing plan and social media strategy which could benefit your agency and your clients. The session is led by Paul McGarrity, a Coach for Google Digital Garage, who delivers digital marketing training across the UK and Ireland and will cover a wide range of topics for the digitally-savvy including building a social media strategy, digital marketing plans and the art of executing search and display advertising.

The most important thing to remember when beginning CPD is that developing a detailed plan is always the best approach. Following 2018-2019’s CPD deadline, be sure to take some time out to review your learnings from this year and identify your areas for potential growth. Develop a plan for building these areas up, and ensure you are logging points as the year progresses rather than waiting until the deadline. Best of luck for achieving your professional development goals in 2019!

For more information on CIPR’s CPD programme and to find out how Continuing Professional Development could benefit you visit the CIPR website.