Highlights from the recent CIPR NI AGM

Massive News
February 10, 2017

On Thursday 28th January industry representatives gathered for the Northern Ireland Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Annual General Meeting. During the meeting, which included a room packed full of Northern Ireland’s PR movers and shakers, the Institute celebrated milestones from 2016 and looked forward to an exciting 2017 for our industry locally and globally.  Here are some key take-aways from the annual meeting…


Northern Ireland PR Practitioners are rising to the top

Having really embraced 2016’s #GetChartered campaign pushed heavily by the CIPR, last year saw the number of Northern Ireland Chartered Practitioners rise to 12, including our very own Julie McCable, Director and Founder of Massive PR.  Julie was the first Chartered Practitioner back in 2012 and is now in fantastic company as industry leaders embrace the importance of working for Chartered status.

2016 also saw three new Fellows join the ranks in Northern Ireland while University of Ulster student Kathryn Moore also claimed the Douglas Smith prize, proving that the next generation of NI PR practitioners are promising to keep our industry moving forward.


A visit from the President

CIPR president Jason Mackenzie was warmly welcomed to Northern Ireland as he visited the AGM to discuss several key issues including CIPR Northern Ireland’s growing membership and engagement, the region’s positive response to the drive to grow the number of Chartered Practitioners. Jason also commended the work of the region and the CIPR NI committee, which he said is a credit to the industry.

New Faces in CIPR leadership

The AGM marked the beginning of Sinead Doyle, CIPR Northern Ireland’s new Chair.  In her address to the meeting, Sinead recognised the growing numbers of Chartered Practitioners in Northern Ireland, the continued need to invest in CPD, and the importance of working with the University of Ulster to develop the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.  Chris Pollock also took the reins of Vice-Chair, while a number of new members joined the active CIPR Northern Ireland committee.

Looking back on 2016’s Successes

Last year was a busy – and exciting – year for CIPR in Northern Ireland!  From the sold-out Northern Ireland Media Awards which took place last June at The MAC to the always-exciting PRide Awards in October, which are always a highlight of the year for Team Massive, CIPR enjoyed a busy calendar of events, workshops, and the inaugural CIPR Conference, which our team looks forward to attending again in 2017.

Ongoing membership benefits

During the AGM our newly-appointed Chair reminded all in attendance of the wide range of benefits and opportunities available to members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations including continuous career development, which provides practitioners with a constant flow of learning and development opportunities to keep up to date in an always-changing industry.   As advocates of CPD and Accredited PR Practitioners, we strongly encourage fellow practitioners to join CIPR and begin working toward Accredited and Chartered status, demonstrating your commitment to the industry and working to improve the reputation of PR practitioners across the UK!


After a fantastic meeting and update on where we stand for 2017, our team is looking forward to an exciting year filled with additional career development for all levels of our team, setting and achieving goals for up-skilling, and joining our industry peers for more superb events!