Following a successful inaugural European Energy Policy Forum hosted recently by Action Renewables, the leading provider of renewable energy expertise announced the launch of its most recent policy document, Proposal for a Renewable Future, which highlights a number of areas of opportunity for growth for renewable energy in Northern Ireland as the 2020 targets for heat and electricity as outlined in the Strategic Energy Framework (2010) draw nearer.

Over 100 delegates attended the event hosted by Action Renewables at the Crowne Plaza Belfast, Shaws Bridge, where they heard talks, exchanged ideas, and networked with representatives from across the renewables sector in Northern Ireland and further afield including European Projects and renewable energy policy, as well as gaining insight into developing technology and innovation in the industry.  Topics covered included renewable energy opportunities for SMEs, hydropower energy recovery technology, and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, among others.

Action Renewables

“The large turnout for our first European Energy Policy Forum highlights the appetite in Northern Ireland to continue to develop and implement renewable energy technologies to help reach our renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets,” said Michael Doran, Managing Director, Action Renewables.  “Developed in 2010 with a ten-year implementation plan and 2020 targets for heat and electricity, the Strategic Energy Framework’s deadlines are looming, and with the current policy vacuum in place within our government, Action Renewables has produced our most recent policy document to encourage conversation and continued growth within the sector to meet these targets and improve the long-term forecast for renewable energy in Northern Ireland.

Acknowledging Northern Ireland’s success in increasing the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources, the document focuses on issues including energy efficiency, green gas, renewable transport, security of supply, renewable heat and job security, providing a status report on each focus as well as recommendations, developed to encourage debate within the sector and drive forward the development of new policies and goals.

“We look forward to stimulating debate and ultimately driving our renewables sector forward locally following distribution of this document and with the on-going work of our collaborative networking organisation, AREA, which provides expert renewable energy advice to members,” added Michael Doran.

To learn more about Action Renewables and the Action Renewables Energy Association (AREA), visit  The Action Renewables Policy Document, Proposal for a Renewables Future, can be viewed online here.