Massive News
November 8, 2019

Last month Bryony represented Team Massive at social media specialists’ Social Bee NI – Louise Brogan and Copper Square Communications 2nd Social Media Bootcamp Belfast.

Once again, the full day event took place in the stunning surroundings of Belfast’s Titanic Hotel and was jam-packed with talks from industry professionals based in Northern Ireland and overseas as well as interactive workshops, masterminds and networking.

Developing the knowledge we gained from the first social media bootcamp was our aim and we are delighted to have come away with more great advice and tips on how we can continue to strengthen both our own and our clients’ social media pages.

Have a read below at our key learnings from the 2nd Social Media Bootcamp Belfast!


Go Live!

It’s time we all had the confidence to go live online to help brand ourselves and our businesses! Personalising your brand is extremely important to the consumer and going live is a great way to introduce the face or faces behind the brand or business in an authentic way. Live video doesn’t need to be of a professional standard, it just needs to be real – it’s important that we ‘stop trying to seem perfect.’ You can start practicing your live video journey by using Instagram stories. Because they ‘disappear’ after 24 hours, using stories is a great way to build up your confidence.

Ian Anderson Gray

Community – the 7 seconds rule!

Building a social media community, a network of consumers, is crucial for growing your business or brand. Although it can be very easy to use your social media channels solely to sell your products or business to consumers, we must remember that there should be a balance of 80% value posts and 20% sales post. Your consumers need to be drawn in and nurtured so you can build up a trust before you sell your products to them – Reach, Capture, Nurture, Convert.

Use the 7 seconds rule when creating your content: Does this information help and advise your customer within 7 seconds of reading? If not, it is not valuable content and won’t be beneficial in building an online business community.

– Erin Thomas Wong

Questions Create Content

Having a strong social media content plan is crucial to the success of your business’s social media channels, although sometimes it can be difficult to come up with fresh, new content ideas. If you are struggling with ideas it is important to listen to and take note of the questions your online community are asking about your business or product. It’s the answers to these questions that can help you generate your future website, blog and social media content.

– Ashleigh Watson – Copper Square Communications 

‘A, B & C’

Always remember that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media – it’s how many people engage with your content that matters. To ensure the best engagement as possible it’s important to spend time targeting your content to your A, B & C audiences. Newsfeed targeting means that you can target a post primarily to your ‘A’ audience (the audience certain products or stories will appeal to most). If the engagement is successful, then Facebook will automatically target the same audience to your ‘B’ and ‘C’ audiences (slightly lesser interested audiences) – If done correctly you should see engagement on your posts begin to grow.

– David Cochrane – The Irish Times


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