OmegaSport gets rugby star Rory back to his Best

Massive News
October 4, 2012

Northern Ireland’s sportsmen and women have a powerful new weapon to help prevent injury and achieve optimum performance every time.

Paradox Omega Sport is specifically formulated to provide premium nutritional solutions for those participating in sport and regular exercise programmes.


Ireland and Ulster rugby star Rory Best used Paradox Omega Sport to aid his recovery from a neck injury last year and he continues to take the supplement to help protect against injury in the future.

Rory commented: “Last summer, I sustained a serious neck injury that put me out of action for the rest of the season. Like any dedicated sports professional I wanted to do everything I could to get back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

“Having heard about the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of omega oils, I began taking Paradox Omega Sport, which really helped speed up my recovery. As well as a reduction in swelling and inflammation, I also noticed an increase in joint suppleness and less aches and pains.”

Rory was so impressed by Paradox Omega Sport that he has continued to take the supplement as a preventative measure. He added: “Every sports person knows the importance of keeping joints lubricated and supple to avoid injury. I have really experienced a difference since taking Paradox OmegaSport and am now taking it every day to help minimise the risk of further injury and ensure I can perform at the highest possible level in every match.”

Developed by local company Paradox Omega Oils Ltd, Paradox Omega Sport capsules is an exciting and innovative new product that takes nutritional supplements to the highest level. Made from an exclusive blend of essential fatty acids (EFAs), omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 (fats found in marine and plant oils) and natural vitamins D and E, Paradox Omega Sport is also rich in natural polyphenol antioxidants only found in olives.

As well as providing extra protection and helping boost immunity, these powerful antioxidants keep the omega oil in a stable structure enabling them to maintain freshness and potency therefore providing maximum benefit to the individual. This highly effective combination helps keep joints lubricated and reduces inflammation therefore preventing injury, reducing recovery time from injury and assisting athletes attain optimum performance.

Researched and developed by osteopath Dr Geoff Hayhurst Paradox Omega Sport is the latest product in Paradox’s renowned stable of supplements. To help him perfect this particular blend, Geoff brought the expertise of Ulster Rugby’s Dr David Irwin who had a valuable input from a professional athlete’s point of view. However as well as helping athletes and professional sportsmen and women, Omega Sport can benefit others as well.